Lu (sakuza) wrote,

From Twitter 03-12-2010

  • 13:37:37: VAMPS World Tour to make stops in N.America, Europe, and Asia. Now if they could just narrow it down to cities.... >>
  • 15:19:05: having a sleepy day. Can't seem to keep my eyes open.
  • 17:43:56: banning salt? fining restaurants for using it? WTF. what a idiotic bill.
  • 18:39:32: Yay. About to head out to see the 1st of 13 films I'll be seeing at #SFIAAFF.
  • 23:44:42: Just got back from watching The Fog... love Terrence and Eugenia... film itself, not so much.
  • 23:46:11: bonus pts for having Terrence and Eugenia there in person w/director too.

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