Lu (sakuza) wrote,

From Twitter 04-09-2010

  • 11:29:38: ooh yum. free pizza from one our bosses. nice surprise
  • 12:32:09: @d0rkRin good grief that's vile. I feel my heart clogging just looking at it.
  • 14:09:09: RT @new_people: NEW PEOPLE ONLINE STORE is NOW OPEN!: YES! We Are OPEN!
    Can’t fly in to San Francisco to visit your favorite store... ht ...
  • 18:12:34: someone shoot me. office perfume + pollen = a miserable me.
  • 18:27:41: @justina_k thanks I'll get some when I get off work.
  • 18:30:05: @BowmanSF isn't it? can't wait to leave this place. lounge chair sounds mighty tempting too. I'll have to settle for treadmill at gym tho.
  • 18:31:27: @ziggyb aww that's too bad. Thanks for letting me know. ^^

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