Lu (sakuza) wrote,

From Twitter 04-26-2010

  • 18:01:10: how interesting. Hanson auditioning for opening bands via web submissions and votes.
  • 18:10:16: whut? VAMPS' NYC show says gen sale going up on 4/30? I already bought my ticket.
  • 18:13:21: RT @japan_now: Bokura no Jidai: GACKT x Nishikawa Takanori x DAIGO: ...wherein DAIGO keeps saying weird lingo, GACKT keeps drinki... htt ...
  • 18:46:29: @aS_Umi well, its not as good as the original, but this made me think of you.
  • 21:26:11: yay. Ooku vol3 arrived today!
  • 21:37:28: @aS_Umi lol so how does she rate?
  • 22:50:53: Liking the new set and format of Shounen Club Premium. Go + Toma = <3 It was getting boring watching Taichi ask the same kind of questions.
  • 22:57:47: VAMPS ticket info: SF, LA, and NYC were all supposed to go up for sale on 4/30.
  • 23:02:13: oooh next SCP is Uchi and Uekusa! Can't wait to see that.

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